I am here to make developing and operating Java applications easier


I am a passionate software architect and engineer with strong experience in Java, JEE and the Java ecosystem in general. I gained expert knowledge in designing and automating the provisioning of secure and resilient platforms tailored for operating high performant Java applications.

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I have always been ¬†fascinated by the Internet’s possibilities. Inevitably, this lead to the start of my career as a Web application developer. Besides exploring¬†the vast field of Java enterprise applications as a software engineer, I occasionally shared my knowledge by giving trainings for developing JEE applications and for administrating/tuning Java application servers.

As a result of my proficiency with Java application servers I have been asked to design and configure systems to operate large scale Java applications. I really enjoy the challenge of optimizing and automating the provisioning of such platforms. It is an ideal environment for combining both my software development skills and my enthusiasm for Unix based systems.

Even though I have a lot of experience in developing and operating software, I am still very excited about learning new technologies. When I am not devoting myself to IT related topics I fancy a good workout, spending time in nature or (needless to say) with family and friends.

Today I work as an indenpendent consultant. I am based in the heart of Europe, in beautiful Vienna (Austria). You can reach out to me via Twitter @heiflo or per mail via florian (at) heinisch (dot) cc.